dbhtml-include_href — Copies an external well-formed HTML/XML file into current doc


<?dbhtml-include href="URI"?>


Use the <?dbhtml-include href?> PI anywhere in a document to cause the contents of the file referenced by the href pseudo-attribute to be copied/inserted “as is” into your HTML output at the point in document order where the PI occurs in the source.


The referenced file may contain plain text (as long as it is “wrapped” in an html element — see the note below) or markup in any arbitrary vocabulary, including HTML — but it must conform to XML well-formedness constraints (because the feature in XSLT 1.0 for opening external files, the document() function, can only handle files that meet XML well-formedness constraints).

Among other things, XML well-formedness constraints require a document to have a single root element. So if the content you want to include is plain text or is markup that does not have a single root element, wrap the content in an html element. The stylesheets will strip out that surrounding html “wrapper” when they find it, leaving just the content you want to insert.



Specifies the URI for the file to include; the URI can be, for example, a remote http: URI, or a local filesystem file: URI

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