dbhtml_dir — Specifies a directory name in which to write files


<?dbhtml dir="path"?>


When chunking output, use the <?dbhtml dir?> PI as a child of a chunk source to cause the output of that chunk to be written to the specified directory; also, use it as a child of a mediaobject to specify a directory into which any long-description files for that mediaobject will be written.

The output directory specification is inherited by all chunks of the descendants of the element. If descendants need to go to a different directory, then add another <?dbhtml dir?> processing instruction as a child of the source element for that chunk, and specify the path relative to the ancestor path.

For example, to put most chunk files into shared but one chapter into exception at the same level, use:

  <?dbhtml dir="shared"?>
    <?dbhtml dir="../exception"?>



Specifies the pathname for the directory

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dbhtml dir processing instruction