— Specifies link types for legalnotice link in html head


<xsl:param name="">copyright</xsl:param>


The value of is a space-separated list of link types, as described in Section 6.12 of the HTML 4.01 specification. If the value of the parameter is non-zero, then the stylesheet generates (in the head section of the HTML source) either a single HTML link element or, if the value of the is non-zero, one link element for each link type specified. Each link has the following attributes:

  • a rel attribute whose value is derived from the value of

  • an href attribute whose value is set to the URL of the file containing the legalnotice

  • a title attribute whose value is set to the title of the corresponding legalnotice (or a title programatically determined by the stylesheet)

For example:

  <link rel="license" href="ln-id2524073.html" title="Legal Notice">

About the default value

In an ideal world, the default value of would probably be “license”, since the content of the DocBook legalnotice is typically license information, not copyright information. However, the default value is “copyright” for pragmatic reasons: because that’s among the set of “recognized link types” listed in Section 6.12 of the HTML 4.01 specification, and because certain browsers and browser extensions are preconfigured to recognize that value.