refentry.manual.profile — Specifies profile for refentry "manual" data


<xsl:param name="refentry.manual.profile">


The value of refentry.manual.profile is a string representing an XPath expression. It is evaluated at run-time and used only if refentry.manual.profile.enabled is non-zero. Otherwise, the refentry metadata-gathering logic "hard coded" into the stylesheets is used.

In man pages, this content is usually displayed in the middle of the header of the page. The man(7) man page describes this as "the title of the manual (e.g., Linux Programmer's Manual)". Here are some examples from existing man pages:

  • dpkg utilities (dpkg-name)

  • User Contributed Perl Documentation (GET)

  • GNU Development Tools (ld)

  • Emperor Norton Utilities (ddate)

  • Debian GNU/Linux manual (faked)

  • GIMP Manual Pages (gimp)

  • KDOC Documentation System (qt2kdoc)