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What's New on is the list of resources updated in the last 30 days. Unveiled (Thu, 29 May 2003)

After some weeks of fiddling with technology, and even (gasp!) writing a little content, is announced.

XML Spec Updated (Wed, 28 May 2003)

XML Spec DTD V2.4 published. This release adds support for errataloc and works around a DTD parsing bug in IE that was exposed in V2.3.

DocBook XSL Stylesheets (Fri, 23 May 2003)

Version 1.61.2 released. The DocBook XSL Stylesheets transform DocBook into (X)HTML, XSL Formatting Objects, HTML Help, and other formats.

DelimMatch (Tue, 20 May 2003)

DelimMatch is a Perl 5 module that provides functions for locating delimited substrings with proper nesting. Version 1.06 fixes a bug in multi-line regexps when stripping delimiters.

jpegrdf (Tue, 20 May 2003)

A tool for reading, storing, and manipulating RDF metadata stored directly in JPEG images. Version 1.4 improves the efficiency of storing the XML RDF.