Chapter 7. The Library Module

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Change Log

The library module contains functions that are DTD-independent.


Writing better documentation for these stylesheets is a background task. If you have any questions that aren't answered here, please feel free to contact me.

Library Functions

Reference pages for the library functions in dblib.dsl. (FYI: this is programmer's documentation, not user documentation.)

Change Log

2004-10-24  <>

	* dblib.dsl: Revision 1.6 completely broke PI processing, so back that out for now.

2003-04-29  Adam Di Carlo <>

	* dblib.dsl: Fix my-debug so it actually returns what you ask it to.

2003-04-28  Adam Di Carlo <>

	* dblib.dsl: Make PI parsing more robust by rewriting parse-pi-attribute and a fix
	in parse-starttag-pi.  I'm still not entirely happy with the PI
	parsing, its probably a little flakey, but it shouldn't completely
	bail out when it hits data its not expecting.  Closes Debian Bug#186886.

2003-04-26  Adam Di Carlo <>

	* dblib.dsl: Fix a typo in the param docs

2003-04-05  Adam Di Carlo <>

	* dblib.dsl: xsl stylesheet refers to pica as "pc" rather than "pi", so we allow
	either one as a pica

2002-05-12  Norman Walsh <>

	* dblib.dsl: Bugs #429663 and #474328 fixed (allow external linespecific content to be indented and numbered). Eight bit or unicode external linespecific content may be problematic though.

2001-07-10  Norman Walsh <>

	* dblib.dsl: Bug fix: (strip) was returning the empty string for any string one character long

2001-04-02  Norman Walsh <>

	* dblib.dsl: New file.