make.clean.html — Make HTML conform to modern coding standards


<xsl:param name="make.clean.html" select="0"></xsl:param>


If make.clean.html is true, the stylesheets take extra effort to ensure that the resulting HTML is conforms to modern HTML coding standards. In addition to eliminating excessive and noncompliant coding, it moves presentation HTML coding to a CSS stylesheet.

The resulting HTML is dependent on CSS for formatting, and so the stylesheet is capable of generating a supporting CSS file. The docbook.css.source and custom.css.source parameters control how a CSS file is generated.

If you require your CSS to reside in the HTML head element, then the generate.css.header can be used to do that.

The make.clean.html parameter is different from html.cleanup because the former changes the resulting markup; it does not use extension functions like the latter to manipulate result-tree-fragments, and is therefore applicable to any XSLT processor.

If make.clean.html is set to zero (the default), then the stylesheet retains its original old style HTML formatting features.