calc.column.width — Calculate an XSL FO table column width specification from a CALS table column width specification.


<xsl:template name="calc.column.width">
<xsl:param name="colwidth">1*</xsl:param>


CALS expresses table column widths in the following basic forms:

  • 99.99units, a fixed length specifier.

  • 99.99, a fixed length specifier without any units.

  • 99.99*, a relative length specifier.

  • 99.99*+99.99units, a combination of both.

The CALS units are points (pt), picas (pi), centimeters (cm), millimeters (mm), and inches (in). These are the same units as XSL, except that XSL abbreviates picas "pc" instead of "pi". If a length specifier has no units, the CALS default unit (pt) is assumed.

Relative length specifiers are represented in XSL with the proportional-column-width() function.

Here are some examples:

  • "36pt" becomes "36pt"

  • "3pi" becomes "3pc"

  • "36" becomes "36pt"

  • "3*" becomes "proportional-column-width(3)"

  • "3*+2pi" becomes "proportional-column-width(3)+2pc"

  • "1*+2" becomes "proportional-column-width(1)+2pt"



The CALS column width specification.


The XSL column width specification.