t:titlepage — Create the templates necessary to construct a title page


<xsl:template match="t:titlepage"/>


The t:titlepage element creates a set of templates for processing the titlepage for an element. The root of this template set is the template named wrapper.titlepage. That is the template that should be called to generate the title page.

The t:titlepage element has three attributes:


The name of the source document element for which these templates apply. In other words, to make a title page for the article element, set the element attribute to article. This attribute is required.


The entire title page can be wrapped with an element. This attribute identifies that element.


If the class attribute is set, a class attribute with this value will be added to the wrapper element that surrounds the entire title page.

Any other attributes are copied through literally to the wrapper element.

The content of a t:titlepage is one or more t:titlepage-content, t:titlepage-separator, and t:titlepage-before elements.

Each of these elements may be provided for the recto and verso sides of the title page.