Common ╗ Utility Template Reference

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This is technical reference documentation for the miscellaneous utility templates in the DocBook XSL Stylesheets.


These templates are defined in a separate file from the set of “common” templates because some of the common templates reference DocBook XSL stylesheet parameters, requiring the entire set of parameters to be imported/included in any stylesheet that imports/includes the common templates.

The utility templates don’t import or include any DocBook XSL stylesheet parameters, so the utility templates can be used without importing the whole set of parameters.

This is not intended to be user documentation. It is provided for developers writing customization layers for the stylesheets.

Table of Contents

log.message — Logs/emits formatted notes and warnings
get.doc.title — Gets a title from the current document
pad-string — Right-pads or left-pads a string out to a certain length