Common ╗ Refentry Metadata Template Reference

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This is technical reference documentation for the “refentry metadata” templates in the DocBook XSL Stylesheets.

This is not intended to be user documentation. It is provided for developers writing customization layers for the stylesheets.


Currently, only the manpages stylesheets make use of these templates. They are, however, potentially useful elsewhere.

Table of Contents

get.refentry.metadata — Gathers metadata from a refentry and its ancestors
get.refentry.title — Gets title metadata for a refentry
get.refentry.section — Gets section metadata for a refentry — Gets date metadata for a refentry
get.refentry.source — Gets source metadata for a refentry — Gets source-name metadata for a refentry
get.refentry.version — Gets version metadata for a refentry
get.refentry.manual — Gets source metadata for a refentry
get.refentry.metadata.prefs — Gets user preferences for refentry metadata gathering
set.refentry.metadata — Sets content of a refentry metadata item