read-character-map — Reads in all or part of an XSLT character map


<xsl:template name="read-character-map">
<xsl:param name="use.subset"/>
<xsl:param name="subset.profile"/>
<xsl:param name="uri"/>


The XSLT 2.0 specification describes character maps and explains how they may be used to allow a specific character appearing in a text or attribute node in a final result tree to be substituted by a specified string of characters during serialization. The read-character-map template provides a means for reading and using character maps with XSLT 1.0-based tools.

This template reads the character-map contents from uri (in full or in part, depending on the value of the use.subset parameter), then passes those contents to the apply-character-map template, along with content, the data on which to perform the character substitution.

Using the character map “in part” means that it uses only those output-character elements that match the XPath expression given in the value of the subset.profile parameter. The current implementation of that capability here relies on the evaluate extension XSLT function.



Specifies whether to use a subset of the character map instead of the whole map; boolean 0 or 1


XPath expression that specifies what subset of the character map to use


URI for a character map