Building with Make

The following instructions work with recent versions of GNU Make; you may have to tweak them a bit if you're using some other version of make.

  1. Create your webpages and your layout.xml file.

  2. Create a skeletal Makefile like the one below.


    See the included Makefile-example.txt file for a more detailed example of a real-world makefile. The Makefile-example.txt file is the actual makefile used to build the pages you are reading now.

    # Change the path in output-root to put your HTML output elsewhere
    STYLEOPT= --stringparam output-root .
    .PHONY : clean
    all: depends.tabular
    	@$(MAKE) website
    -include depends.tabular
    autolayout.xml: layout.xml
    	$(PROC) --output $@ $(STYLEDIR)/autolayout.xsl $<
    %.html: autolayout.xml
    	$(PROC) --output $@  $(STYLEOPT)  $(STYLESHEET)  \
            $(filter-out depends.tabular,$(filter-out autolayout.xml,$^))
    depends.tabular: autolayout.xml
    	$(PROC) --output depends.tabular $(STYLEOPT) $(STYLEDIR)/makefile-dep.xsl $<

    You'll have to change the PROC setting and the command-lines used to run the processor.

  3. Run make. That should build your website.