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Release 2.6.0
Older releases

These are the release notes for the DocBook Website distribution. This file provides a high-level overview of features and API changes in each release.

Bug fixes are (mostly) not documented here. For a complete list of changes, including descriptions of bug fixes, see the NEWS file, which is auto-generated from the commit descriptions for changes in the project CVS repository.

Release 2.6.0

This release includes some significant schema changes, as well as a few relatively minor changes to the Website XSL stylesheets, and a handful of bug fixes. It also includes a new (and still experimental) script to facilitate XML catalog and locating-rules setup.


  • Website (non-full) is now based on Simplified DocBook 1.1 and Website "full" is now based on DocBook 4.4. The main benefit this provides is the ability to use HTML tables in your Website XML source (instead of just CALS tables).

  • RELAX NG schemas in RNC (compact-syntax) form as well as in RNG (XML syntax) form are now included in the distribution. You can use those to do context-sensitive Website editing in a RELAX NG-aware editor such as Emacs/nXML, oXygen XML Editor, XMLBuddy, or Exchanger XML Editor. (Note that the RELAX NG schemas are currently generated from the DTDs).

  • A locatingrules.xml file has been added to the distribution. The locatingrules.xml file tells a "locating rules"-aware editor such as Emacs/nXML to automatically associate the included RELAX NG Website schema with any document whose root element is webpage.


  • An example makefile, Makefile-example.txt is now included in the distribution. It is the actual makefile used to build the content in the example directory.


  • Added sample gentext strings for de and fr.

  • Updated to work with revisions to olink in main DocBook stylesheet starting with version 1.66.

  • gentext is now used for "Home" text

  • All types of nodes under webpage (including PIs and comments, not only elements) are now processed.

  • baseuri attribute in website.database.xml now adds the $filename-prefix value.

  • Accepted patch #787260 from vyt

  • Use for the table.spacer.image in the navigation column. Use the spacer image again in the hspacer for that row. Added new param to the hspacer template so that the template can tell if its being called for the vspacer cell.

  • note.gif, note.png, note.svg, note.tif files added

  • A depends-file parameter was added to more easily facilitate cleanup of depends files for website builds.


  • A new (and still experimental) file has been added to the Website distribution. For information on using it, see the INSTALL file.

Older releases

Sorry, there are no release notes for releases prior to the 2.6.0 release.