IV. Miscellaneous

Table of Contents
string-with-space -- Returns string with a space appended or the empty string
split -- Splits string at whitespace and returns the resulting list of tokens
strip -- Strip leading and trailing characters off of a string
join -- Joins a list of strings together
pad-string -- Pads a string, in front, to the specified length
match-split -- Splits string at target and returns the resulting list of tokens
match-split-string-list -- Splits each string in a list of strings and returns the concatenated result list
match-split-list -- Splits a string at a list of targets and returns the resulting list of tokens
assoc-objs -- Returns a list of the objects in an associative list
assoc -- Returns the association of an object in an associative list
match-substitute-sosofo -- Return matching sosofo from associative list
string-list-sosofo -- Build sosofo from a list of strings and an associative list
repl-substring? -- Returns true if the specified substring can be replaced
repl-substring -- Replace substring in a string
repl-substring-list? -- Perform repl-substring? with a list of target/replacement pairs
repl-substring-list-target -- Return the target that matches in a string
repl-substring-list-repl -- Return the replacement that would be used in the string
repl-substring-list -- Replace the first target in the replacement list that matches
string-replace -- Replace all occurances of a target substring in a string
string-replace-list -- Replace a list of target substrings in a string
ancestor-member -- Returns the first ancestor in a list of GIs
has-ancestor-member? -- Returns true if the specified node has one of a set of GIs as an ancestor
descendant-of? -- Returns true if the child is some descendant of the specified node
expand-children -- Expand selected nodes in a node list
directory-depth -- Count the directory depth of a path name
file-extension -- Return the extension of a filename
copy-string -- Return a string duplicated a specified number of times
node-list-filter-by-gi -- Returns selected elements from a node list
node-list-filter-by-not-gi -- Returns selected elements from a node list
node-list-filter-out-pis -- Returns the nodelist with all PIs removed
node-list-filter-elements -- Returns the elements in 'nodelist'
component-descendant-node-list -- Find all 'inputnd's within an ancestor element
component-child-number -- Find child-number within a component
component-list-descendant-node-list -- Find all elements of a list of elements in a component
component-list-child-number -- Find child-number of a list of children within a component
expt -- Exponentiation
list-member-find -- Returns the index of an element in a list
default-uppercase-list -- The default list of uppercase characters
default-lowercase-list -- The default list of lowercase characters
case-fold-down-char -- Return the lowercase form of a single character
case-fold-up-char -- Return the uppercase form of a single character
case-fold-down-charlist -- Return the list of characters, shifted to lowercase
case-fold-up-charlist -- Return the list of characters, shifted to uppercase
case-fold-down -- Shift a string to lowercase
case-fold-up -- Shift a string to uppercase
find-first-char -- Find the first occurance of a character in a string
parse-measurement -- Parse a string containing a measurement and return the magnitude and units
unit-conversion-alist -- Defines the base length of specific unit names
measurement-to-length -- Convert a measurement to a length
dingbat -- Map dingbat names to Unicode characters
nth-node -- Return a specific node in a node list (by numeric index)
constant-list -- Returns a list of the specified value
list-head -- Return the head of a list
list-put -- Replace a specific member of a list
decrement-list-members -- Decrement each member of a list
sgml-root-element -- Returns the node that is the root element of the current document
sgml-root-element? -- Test if a node is the root element
length-string-number-part -- Returns the numeric part of a length string
length-string-unit-part -- Returns the unit part of a length string
normalize -- Normalize the str according to the SGML declaration in effect
node-list->string -- Return a string representation of the node list
include-file -- Return the literal content of fileref
include-characters -- Return the character content of fileref
url-encode-char -- Returns the url-encoded equivalent of a character
url-encode-string -- Returns str with all special characters %-encoded
system-id-filename -- Returns the filename part of the system id of target
trim-string -- Trims the tail off of a string
string-index -- Finds first occurance of 'target' in 'source'
parse-pi-attribute -- no documented purpose
parse-skip-pi-attribute -- no documented purpose
parse-starttag-pi -- Parses a structured PI and returns a list of values
string->nodes -- no documented purpose