XVII. Miscellaneous

Table of Contents
%content-title-end-punct% -- List of punctuation chars at the end of a run-in head
%honorific-punctuation% -- Punctuation to follow honorifics in names
%default-quadding% -- The default quadding
%default-simplesect-level% -- Default section level for 'SimpleSect's.
%default-title-end-punct% -- Default punctuation at the end of a run-in head.
%footnotes-at-end% -- Should footnotes appear at the end of HTML pages?
%link-mailto-url% -- Mailto URL for LINK REL=made
%show-comments% -- Display Comment elements?
%writing-mode% -- The writing mode
$object-titles-after$ -- List of objects who's titles go after the object
firstterm-bold -- Make FIRSTTERM elements bold?