XIII. HTML Parameters and Chunking

Table of Contents
%body-attr% -- What attributes should be hung off of BODY?
%html-prefix% -- Add the specified prefix to HTML output filenames
%html-use-lang-in-filename% -- Add the source language code to the HTML output filename?
%html-ext% -- Default extension for HTML output files
%html-header-tags% -- What additional HEAD tags should be generated?
%html-pubid% -- What public ID are you declaring your HTML compliant with?
%html-sysid% -- What system ID are you declaring your HTML compliant with?
%root-filename% -- Name for the root HTML document
html-index -- HTML indexing?
html-index-filename -- Name of HTML index file
html-manifest -- Write a manifest?
html-manifest-filename -- Name of HTML manifest file
nochunks -- Suppress chunking of output pages
rootchunk -- Make a chunk for the root element when nochunks is used
use-output-dir -- If an output-dir is specified, should it be used?
%output-dir% -- The directory to which HTML files should be written
%stylesheet% -- Name of the stylesheet to use
%stylesheet-type% -- The type of the stylesheet to use
%use-id-as-filename% -- Use ID attributes as name for component HTML files?
%citerefentry-link% -- Generate URL links when cross-referencing RefEntrys?