DocBook DSSSL Stylesheet Release Notes

DocBook Open Repository Team

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03 November 2004

Table of Contents

Release 1.79

These are the release notes for the DocBook DSSSL Stylesheets. At a minimum, this file attempts to document changes to the public APIs and provide a high-level overview of the features added in each release.

Release 1.79

This release contains fixes for a number of long-standing bugs. See the WhatsNew file for more details. Among the user-visible changes are:

  • HTML stylesheets. 

    • The doctype definition in the HTML output now contains a system identifier, required for better parsing in contemporary browsers.

    • CSS decoration has been added to procedure steps.

    • Uses of <VAR> in HTML output (often rendered in italic) have been changed to something more appropriate

    • The last character of the version was cut off in previous releases.

    • Processing instruction parsing has been made more robust against arbitrarily formed PIs.

    • Callout graphics and admonition graphics share a single variable, %stock-graphics-extension%.

    • The value of the VALIGN attribute has been corrected to MIDDLE instead of CENTER.

  • Print stylesheets. 

    • Admonition titles and contents are kept together.

    • Programlistings with callouts now honor the width attribute.

    • The rendering of othercredit has been made more useful.

    • Excessive after spacing when a listitem contains multiple paras or verbatim environments has been fixed.

    • Empty ulinks don't generate footnotes, so they are now omitted from the footnote counting.

    • Some cases where components were restarting the page numbering were fixed.

    • article-titlepage-recto-elements has been made to match the HTML version.

    • Support for revdescription inside revison on titlepages has been added.

  • General. 

    • "pc" is now allowed as abbreviation for "pica".

    • The return value of my-debug has been fixed.

    • A Bosnian translation has been added.

    • A Bulgarian translation has been added.